SY-LAB offers systems that permit convenient, reliable handling, labeling and retrieval of vials and bags.

The SY-LAB range of inventory control systems are manufactured from anodised aluminium or stainless steel and are available in a wide range of sizes.

If you cannot see the size you require we can produce the rack to meet your needs. 






SY-LAB inventory control systems are specifically designed for different types of vessels which are part of the cryo-science technology. They accommodate standard 2ml vials. Various material combinations are available for different vessels. Other systems are also available upon request.

•  Aluminum racks with boxes of plastic or special cardboard

•  Standard for 3K: aluminum racks and drawers, plastic vial dividers

The choice of a system is based on the type and number of existing vials and the corresponding type of container to be used

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Blood Bags



SY-LAB offers standard Inventory Control Systems for blood bags for the storage of blood components, erythrocyte concentrates, heart valves or other materials.The systems are either fitting to the Harsco/TW LIN container range but can also be designed to any other container or refrigerator on request. The system features aluminium design for better temperature distribution and a space saving design for maximum capacity. Cassettes from durable and coated carton offer a hygienic solution for long term storage. 

The boxes are made of special high-quality cardboard that retains all of its properties when immersed in liquid nitrogen.

Various inventory control systems are available for standard bags. The choice of a system is based on the type and number of existing bags and the storage phase (liquid or gaseous).

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Inventory Control System Types

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