Accessories IceCube 17L/ 17M/ 14M

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Rack Vials

Freezing Rack for vials 1,8/2/5 ml
Capacity 188 vials per rack
Total chamber capacity 564 vials 5ml or 1128 vials 2 ml
Order. No.: 10-187500

Rack Containers 100 ml

Rack for 100 ml Containers
Capacity 12  per rack
max. 2 racks per chamber rec.
Order No.:13-158480



Rack For SBS Tubes

Rack for SBS Tubes for Biobanking
Capacity 4 x 96 Tubes per shelf
Max. 2 shelfs per chamber
Order No.: 13-158100 basic set for 4 x 96 tubes

13-158110 additional shelf

please advise type of vials and supplier !
Data sheet SBS Rack

Rack Blood Bags Horizontal

Universal rack for Blood Bags horizontal
Plate Dimensions 260 x 100 mm (h)
Capacity 11 bags per rack
Plate size 260 x 100 mm (h)
max. 22 bags per chamber
Order No.: 13-158000

Rack Blood Bags Vertical

Universal rack for Blood Bags vertical
Plate size 260 x 200 mm (h)
Capacity 11 bags per chamber
Order No.: 13-158030

Cassettes For Blood Bags

Special Carton Cassettes 
for Blood Bag storage
Various Sizes available
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Auto Seeding Rack Straws

Auto Seeding of CBS Straws
Capacity 33 Straws per rack/chamber
Order No.: 10-187240

Autoseeding Rack Vials

For Autoseeding of 1,8/ 2 and 5 ml vials
Capacity 36 vials per rack/chamber
Order No.: 13-158701

Manual Seeding Top Plate

Top Plate with 31 plugs for manual seeding
Max. 124 Straws per chamber
Order No.: 13-158756

Click holder for Straws with turnlock
Capacity 4 straws per holder
Order No.: 13-158750 

Insulated Hose

Insulated LN2 hose
for connecting to the LN2 supply vessel
Cat.No.: 13-159010, hose  1,0 m
Cat.No.: 13-159013, hose  1,3 m

Flat Foil Sensor

Flat Foil Sample sensor
for registration of surface
sample temperatures
Order No.: 13-156895

Sample Temperature Sensors

Sensors to register product temperatures
Order No.: 13-156880 Sensor 65 x 1,0 mm
Order No.: 13-156885 Sensor 65 x 1,5 mm
Order No.: 13-156886 Sensor 100 x 1,5 mm
Order No.: 13-156887 Sensor 160 x 1,5 mm