Accessories LN2 Sample Storage

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Roller Base

Sturdy 5-wheel cast aluminium dolly
enables the safe and easy transport of 
cryogenisc dewars. Available in 3 sizes
to fit selected vessels of HC, XT, LS  and K series
Order No.: 31-R018-8C00 Roller base for 25 LD
Order No.: 31-R033-8C00 Roller base big f. 35LD

Low Level Alarm

To protect valuable products, this audio/visual
alarm with remotecapability will sound
promptly to alert you when more nitrogen is 
needed. It is best suited for infrequently used
refrigerators and it is recommended for stored
product protection.
For use with XT, HC and LS vessels.

Automatic Level Controllers

The  CryoCon  controller  comes  with  
an  array  of features  and  options  for  flexibility  
in  the  combination of vessels, in the choice
of liquid nitrogen supply and controls and in
the programming and documentation through a PC or a computer.
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Withdrawal hoses

High-strength stainless steel with additional
protective sheath for the transfer of LN2.
Available in various length.
Order No.: 32-00120 1,2 m DN10
Order No.: 32-00150 1,5 m DN10

Insulated Withdrawal Hose

Insulated LN2 hose for safe
withdrawal of LN2.
Available in various length.
Order No.: 32-00120-1; 1,2 m DN 10
Order No.: 32-00150-1; 1,5 m DN 10 

Phase Separator

Phase Separators separate the gas
and liquid phases of LN2 allowing only
the transfer of LN2 into the vessel.
Order No.: 31-1193-8C80
Order No.: 31-1193-8C83 for LD4 only