The IceCube 11XS is a new designed compact computer controlled freezer for small amount of vials or straws. Its temperature course follows within very narrow tolerances, the temperature dispersion within the chamber is excellent The instrument can be placed under narrow laboratory space conditions and is easily movable. Applications are in human and vet medicine both, for routine and R&D work. The IceCube 11XS is operated via a Tablet computer and an USB connector.

Technical specifications

11XS horizontal

 Temperature   range

+40°C to -150°C

Cooling rates 


 Temperature  sensors

Pt-100 1.0 mm (1 chamber + 1 sample, 4-wire technique)

Temp. display resolution


Freezing  chamber 

 chamber in chamber gas circulation, liquid nitrogen as cooling medium


 36 pc. 2 ml vials in 2 levels or 18 pcs 5 ml vials in onel level or 16 pcs CBS High Security Straws, ∅ 2.3 or 3 mm  or 16 pcs Standard Straws in 4 sample holders

Outer dimensions

B x T x H in mm: vertical 300 x 480 x 520 
horizontal: 370 x 480 x 460 without LN2 vessel
Weight: 16.5 kg without accessories

LN2- Supply container

from 35 liter, optional 60 l self pressurizing

Work pressure

0.5 to 1.5 bar, 7 - 21 psi

Electric supply

220-240 VAC, 2.2 A or 115 AC, 4 A


Straw holder with click closure, rack for vials

Pictures & Software

  • Software
  • Software Features

    • wide range of control varieties
    • high freezing curves resolution
    • Tablet computer with touch sensitive screen
    • virtual unlimited program storage

Accessories for 11XS

For the big variety of applications we have different accessories available.
Please follow the link to see and select between the different accessories
for our freezers.