Security for people and material

Different Cryo Controllers offer added flexibility, insurance and security with an array of features to maintain and secure your cryostorage system.

Gas bypass systems as well as oxygen monitors help to avoid and/ or to indicate low oxygen concentrations in rooms during the filling process and operation of liquid nitrogen vessels.

Automatic level controllers



CryoCon automatically monitors and controls the level of liquid nitrogen

The  CryoCon  controller  comes  with  an  array  of features  and  options for  flexibility  in  the  combination of vessels, in the choice of liquid nitrogen supply and controls and in the programming and documentation through a PC or a computer.

Features of Cryocon AF-1D

  • Level indication
  • Alarms for level, lid open, low nitrogen supply and sensor fault
  • Level monitoring and automatic refilling
  • Automatic defogging when lid is opened
  • Quick chill when lid is closed
  • Manual filling

Features Cryocon AFT-3L

  • Level display
  • Level monitoring and automatic refilling
  • Temperature display
  • Temperature control
  • Alarms for high temperature, level, sensor fault, low nitrogen supply, open lid, unauthorized access
  • Manual filling
  • Data logging with serial port for PC/printer for temperature, level, alarm, filling activity, etc.
  • Simultaneous or sequential filling in the case of multiple installations
  • Connection for centralized gas bypass control
  • Automatic defogging when lid is open
  • Quick chill when lid is closed
  • Password-controlled access and programming
  • Update of controller software through PC and Cable
  • Updated software can be forwarded by e-mail or CD
  • Various other options (remote temperature controlling,
    alarms to e-mail, Cryo Data Software etc.

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Gas Bypass System


CryoVent M360

Typically cryogenic storage installations consist of one or more refrigerators connected to insulated pipework to a bulk liquid nitrogen supply vessel. When filling one or more refrigerators, the cooling of these lines creates substantial volumes of gas. This gas, which is normally forced out through the liquid in the refrigerator and into the room, can cause various problems:

  • Ice build up
  • Warming up and evaporation of nitrogen inside the vessel
  • Low oxygen concentration inside the room

The use of the CryoVent M360 gas bypass system avoids these problems.

Operation of the M360

  • When one of the refrigerators begins to fill, the simultaneous fill signal from the controller signals to the M360 controller that liquid is required.
  • The M360 controller sends out a signal to all controllers of the refrigerators disconnecting the fillvalves and preventing the filling. At the same time a valve is opened to vent gas from the pipe-work.
  • When all gas has been exhausted from the pipe-work the presence of liquid at the vent valve is detected by the thermocouple sensor. The M360 closes the vent valve and allows the fill valves to operate and fill the refrigerators.
  • A second temperature sensor installed downstream of the first sensor triggers an alarm upon contact with LN2 in order to avoid that liquid nitrogen passes through the ventline.  



Oxygen Monitor


The oxygen controller is a gas measuring computer designed to be installed on a DIN rail.

Combined with up to 2 detectors with a signal output of 4-20 mA, the GMC 8022 functions as a display unit and triggers safety responses.

The measuring function of the oxygen controller carries a BVS 03 ATEX G007 X certificate.

It is suitable for use in areas of SIL-1 functional safety. 




Personal protection


For personal protection of operators the following accessories are available:

  • Protective gloves
  • LN2 impermeable skirts
  • Protective eye wear and face screens

 Productlist Waterproof Cryo gloves


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