The IceCube 14M is the routine Controlled Rate Freezer for clinical applications. It is available with MDD approval. Its large chamber takes up a wide variety of racks including AutoSeeding for straws and vials up to the newly designed device for freezing multiple Data Sample Matrix Racks used in bio banking.  

The 14M is used in many top medical facilities in the daily routine. Its operation allows simple one touch control but also gives the operator vast possibilities of choosing special programs or different operation modes.

IceCube Series has a rigorous safety concept. It is backed up by an internal Risk Processor who performs continuous operation even if the Tablet-PC is inoperabel. 

Technical specifications

14 Version incl. Tablet Support an Tablet-PC
14M Version without Tablet and Tablet Support
Temperature range

+40°C to -180°C (104F to 292F)
(313K to 93K)

Cooling rates

0,01°C to 60°C/min

Heating rates

0,01°C/min to max. 20°C/min from -180°C to -50°C
0,01°C/min to max. 15°C/min from -50°C to +20°C

Temperature sensors

Pt-100, 1.5 mm Ø  x 65 mm length (standard),
or 1 mm Ø x 65 mm length (optional) 
or 1,5 mm Ø x /100/160 mm length (optional)

Temp. display resolution


Freezing chamber size

L x D x H: 297 x 317 x 378 mm, 36 litres
 11,69 x 12,48 x 14,88 inch

Max. Capacity

 2760 Straws 0.25 ml or 0.5 ml
 1128 vials 1.8 - 2 ml, or 564 vials 5 ml
11 Bloodbags*,
16 Bloodbags in metal cassettes*

Outer dimensions
weight w/o PC

W x D x H (H with open lid)
mm: 630 x 510 x 550 (860) 39 kg
inch: 24.8 x 20.08 x 21.65 (33.86) 86 lb

LIN Supply container

Liquid cylinder, pressure 0.5 to max 1.5 bar
(7 - max 22 psi)

Pressure sensor (option)permanent working gas pressure display and file storage
preparation (Option)

second gas/LIN line with a software controlled magnetic valve for the connection of an AutoSeeding rack (vials or straws)

Electric supply

115 - 230 V AC, please specify at order, power consumption ∼1265 VA

Accessories options 

various chamber furniture/racks, 3.+4. temp. sensors, flat foil temp. sensor, alarm outputs, UPS, insulated LIN hoses, LIN supply vessels, IQ/OQ installations, various protective accessories, Medical Product registration requires tech. monitoring and periodic inspectio

*) dependent from size and fill volume
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

14 M Versions & Software

  • Versions
  • Software
  • Available Versions



    • 14M: Basic version (Tablet- PC and Support or PC with Monitor required
    • 14M  Version with integrated Tablet PC with Touch Monitor
    • IQ/OQ documents (optional)
    • Instrument available as: Icecube (non-MED), Icecube MED.X (MDD/class I) and Icecube MED (MDD/class IIa). Please mind the intended purpose of the respective variant.
  • Software Features

    • wide range of control varieties
    • automatic program optimization
    • high freezing curves resolution
    • touch monitor
    • internal processor plus PC
    • virtual unlimited program storage

Accessories for 14M



For the big variety of applications we have different accessories available.
Please follow the link to see and select between the different accessories
for our freezers.

Accessories 14M