Taylor-Wharton cryogenic storage containers are based on the principle of complete thermal insulation. They consist of an inner vessel and an outer body separated by a stable vacuum, which virtually precludes any transfer of heat from the ambient environment to the inner vessel. Additional layers provide what is refeered to as superinsulation to protect the vessel against the warming effect of infrared radiation.

Taylor-Wharton cryogenic vessels are designed to hold either canisters or racks. Depending on the application the material can either be stored in the liquid phase or in the vapour phase of the vessel.




XT (eXtended Time) Series refrigerators are cryogenic vessels designed for long-term storage of a variety of materials at cryogenic temperatures. XT vessels permit holding times of up to 340 days. These extremely long holding times ensure economic operation.

Typical users include research institutes and laboratories as well as pharmaceutical firms and artificial insemination centers.

XT vessels are used primarily to store straws but are  also  used  to  store vials  when  long  holding times are important.This series also offers a low profile model (XTL) for use in more confined workspaces.


Model/LN2 Capacity (l) Static Holding Time  Capacity 2 ml vials 

27 days



80 days-

100 days


230 days


340 days



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HC  Series  (High Capacity) refrigerators  are  designed  to  provide greater storage capacity in vessels with approximately the same dimensions as those of the XT Series.

HC  Series  refrigerators  are  used  for  essentially the same applications as those of the XT Series. The choice between the two series depends on the specific requirements of the user.

HC vessels are used primarily to store material in vials or for applications that involve larger quantities of straws.

The  HCL  vessel  is  especially  compact,  which makes it ideal wherever space is limited.


Model/LN2-Capacity (l)Static Holding TimeCapacity 2 ml vials
HC 12

60 days


HC 20

87 days570

HC 34

200 days570

HC 35

130 days850

   VHC 35  

130 days1.050


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The LS Series refrigerators are uniquely designed for large vial capacity in convenient box-type storage  racks  and  at  the  same  time  keep  NL2   consumption to a minimum.

This results in low operating costs and fewer re-fills. The rectangular shape of the racks for 5 x 5 or 10 x 10 cryoboxes makes it easier to maintain an overview of and identify stored samples. As a result, samples can be located and removed more easily and faster.

The four vessels cover a range from 750 to 6.000 -2 ml vials. The compact LS 750 can be used with either racks or with canisters.

The  LS  3000,  LS  4800  and  LS  6000  models  can be equipped with automatic level control and they can be supplied with CE mark in compliance with the Medical Devices Directive (MDD 93/42EC).

These models can also be used for storage in either the vapor or liquid phase. In case of storage in the vapor phase, the two bottom shelves must be left empty, which reduces the capacity The use of level controller is recommended.


 Model/ Capacity 2 ml vials 

 LN2 Capacity (l)

 Static holding time 

 LS 750

35130 days

 LS 3000 

81106 days

 LS 4800

130162 days

 LS 6000

165194 days


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K Series systems are used throughout the world wherever it is necessary to store biological specimens or larger objects such as organs for transplantation.  Like  all  Taylor-Wharton  vessels,  the ultra  high  capacity refrigerators  use  nitrogen  in liquid  or  vapor  phase  for  cooling.  This provides a series of important benefits as compared with mechanical refrigeration  systems,  especially  in terms of environmental considerations:

  • Greater reliability
  • No heat output
  • Silent operation
  • Lower temperature
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Safety back up to power failures

Taylor-Wharton K Series systems are designed to accommodate various inventory control systems. The high capacity makes it possible to hold up to 38,350 2ml vials or up to 739,500 0,25ml straws. Normally 10 K and larger systems are connected to a liquid nitrogen tank by means of a hose (see equipped with a CryoCon unit, which is an electronic  Taylor-Wharton automatic  level  controller that is available in various models.

In  case  it  is  necessary  to  make  absolutely  sure that  specimens  do not come  into  contact  with liquid  nitrogen  (to  avoid  cross  contamination), it is possible to place a gas phase frame inside the system. The liquid tight frame ensures a reliable separation of the specimen from the liquid nitrogen and at the same time functions as a guide for the individual racks.

10K and larger systems are available with the CE mark in compliance with the Medical Devices Directive MDD 93/42 EC.



 capacity 2 ml vials 

LN2 capacity (l)Static holding time

3 K

3.7264819 days

10 K

10.40016533 days

24 K

24.05036552 days

38 K

38.35062674 days


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LABS-Series Storage Containers

LABS  Series  freezers  are  designed  for  efficient long-term  storage  of larger  volumes  of  specimens. With a capacity of up to 80,000 2ml vials, a storage temperature virtually at the level of the liquid nitrogen temperature even in the gas phase and  low  nitrogen  consumption,  the  LABS  Series sets  new  industry benchmarks.  In  addition to this exceptional performance,  these freezers  also  feature ergonomic  design.  For example, the flat stainess-steel  table-top makes  a  convenient working  surface, and a  folding  step  permits easier  access  to  the stored  material.  The extremely  easy-to-rotate turntable with aluminum  deviders  permits  quick, convenient access to the inventory control system as well as  easy  sample location.  Each  compartment is colour coded.

All models are available with automatic level controllers and the CE mark in compliance with Medical Devices Directive MDD 93/42EC. The hinged booted lid is easy to operate and to clean. The lid switch provides signals to the optional controller for lid open alarm, auto defog and quick chill.



 capacity 2 ml vials 

 LN2 Capacity (l ) Static holding time

 LABS 20K 

19.500407102 days


41.600606135 days


79.3001350169 days


93.0001630204 days


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